Words heal. But they also hurt

This is something I wrote while preparing for my finals. This was actually inspired by something a friend of mine wrote. He wrote something along the lines how we blame others for our misery without taking responsibility for our own actions.


You’re living your life every single day. You do stuffs. You hangout with people. You hang out with your pets. You socialize (doesn’t matter if it is in person or online).

Over the course of the entire day, you do so many stuff and you say so many stuff. You constantly voice your opinions on anything and everything .

But have you ever stopped and thought how much your words or your actions affect someone?

Do you ever realize that your one word or your one action can make or break a person’s day?I don’t think you do. And honestly, neither did I. And this is the first time I’ve actually stopped to think about it.

And I’ll tell you something. This revelation? It’s liberating and terrifying at the same time.

~Liberating in the sense that your one small word of love, wisdome or support can bring a smile in a oersons face.

Do you realize how you saying ‘you can do it‘ might be just the thing they needed to hear?
Do you realize if you just smile at that one person, you’ll be making their entire day worthwile?

~Terrifying in the sense that your one careless poke at a persons insecurities can be the catalyst to their destruction.

When will you realize that the person you called ugly already thinks so low of themselves?
When will you realize that the hurtful words you say, even if it’s you just joking around, will just pile on top of their already low self esteem.

Everybody is an author. An author of their own stories. A co-author of someone else’s. People don’t seem to realise this.

Everyday that you’re living, is you writing your story as you go. Everytime you speak and everything you do is you making an impact in someone’s life. You helping them write a chapter in their life. And you adding a chapter in your own. You write your story as you live.

And trust me when I say this, no matter how you feel, there will be someone who will be dying to get a chance to read your story. To know your deepest secrets. To know all her qwirks and all your perfections. They will want to know your ‘flaws’ too. But to them, they’re not flaws. They’re the things that make you, you. The things that set you apart from the rest. The things that made you stand out in the crowd. And honestly, standing out is great. It means you don’t fit in the standards made by society. Who likes these standards anyway?

You might be wondering what the whole point of this post is. Well, it’s to tell you that you matter. That you are not insignificant. That your actions affect other people. That you always have to think before you say or do something. It might save a life. But there is a chance that it might end a life too.

In the end, all that matters is that you just have to keep writing. No matter what happens in life, keep writing and one day your story might be the inspiration someone needs to go on.

As always, credits where it’s due. I do not own the featured image. Credits to the owner..

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